• Customizable finishing machines designed to perform at all levels.
  • Large enough to serve your specialized needs, small enough to care.
  • Higher production rates capable.
  • Generations of experience since the inception of the mass finishing industry.
  • Our machines last longer and are easier to repair, reducing your downtime.
  • Inside and out, the best features available in today's industry.
  • Premium efficiency and fully customizable to ensure precise surface finishing.
  • Premium conveyor washers with a multitude of stages available.
  • The most versatile, customizable and complete finishers on the market guarantee
  • The most structurally sound and adjustable finishing machines in the industry..
  • Partnering with you to customize solutions that meet your production needs.

We don't just sell machines:
We solve problems.

CLM Vibetech Equipment

Finishing Equipment

At CLM Vibetech, our committment to using only premium components and standardized parts ensures that our equipment has the longest service life possible. Coupled with the shortest build times in the industry, we are able to quickly deliver the machines that you need to keep your business moving. We care about the quality of our work and our reputation proceeds us. When you partner with us, you can feel confident that you're working with one of the best finishing machine companies in the industry.


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We work with a wide range of industries to provide surface finishing, parts washing, parts drying and material handling equipment that suits their applications. In addition to vibratory finishing machines, we also offer a number of essential services, such as relining and rebuilding, that promise to keep your down time to a minimum.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical


Vibratory Finishing Machines from CLM Vibetech

In the mass finishing world, there have been many methods developed to attempt to deburr, radius, descale, clean, wash, smooth, pre-plate or “finish” parts. CLM Vibetech stays abreast of new developments, offering the most modern, efficient finishing equipment available. From the inside out, our machines incorporate the best features available in today’s industry. Exceptional quality, customization and service define our position in the mass finishing industry. We are dedicated to providing solutions for our customers - not just selling machines.

Visit the online literature section to view our documentation

For your convenience, we have collected literature relevant to the features, applications, operation and maintenance of our vibratory finishing machines. All documents are stored in PDF format.

Our staff is always available, ready to answer your questions

If you have questions about our equipment, we're eager to help. From vibratory finishers to parts dryers, we can discuss configurations and find the machine that works best for you.