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New Sales Representative

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Vibetech is pleased to announce our new Sales Representative Randy Wason!

How a Bijur Auto-Oil-Recirculating System Works and How to Maintain It -- Part 2

Vibratory Finisher

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The pump draws oil from the reservoir, through a suction filter, which strains large debris from the pump.  This flow of oil is then pumped through an external filter assembly, consisting of an aluminum housing, sintered filter element, and o-rings.  The bottom of the filter housing spins off, making changing or cleaning the filter quick and easy.  The filter element is a 25 micron sintered cup, in which the oil diffuses through the element wall, trapping debris and contaminants, before exiting the housing.  Once the oil has pumped through the filter assembly, it then passes through an oil flow-sensor.  As the oil flows through the sensor, a small brass piston is raised by the oil flow, compressing a small spring.  

How a Bijur Auto-Oil-Recirculating System Works and How to Maintain It -- Part 1

Vibratory Finisher

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Part one in our Bijur auto-oil-recirculating system series:

When it comes to lubricating main drive bearings on a vibratory finisher, there are two options to choose from. One option is to use grease to lubricate the bearings, which is common among smaller capacity units or machines with short run times. This can be accomplished either manually or can be done automatically with an Auto-Grease Pump. The other common form of lubricating the main bearings on a vibratory finisher is to automatically recirculate a light-weight gear oil through the bearings.  

Breaking or Throwing Belts on a Vibratory Finisher

Tub Finisher

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There are currently two styles of powering a vibratory bowl or tub finisher.  One style is to power the bowl or tub with a direct-drive (integral) motor, located on or in the vibrating bowl or tub. The other is to belt drive a bearing supported drive shaft (located in the bowl or tub) from the non-vibrating base weldment of the machine. When operating a belt driven machine, it is not uncommon to experience issues of belts throwing off the pulleys, or in some instances, snapping. There certain conditions that usually cause these types of issues, all of which can be checked for and corrected, to ensure long belt life on the equipment.

What You Need to Know About Tumbling Media

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Tumbling media is made with different materials and is offered in many different shapes and sizes. Using the correctly shaped and sized media is critical, because it ensure you’re able to reach every area of the part with direct contact without getting the media stuck in your equipment or parts. Contact is key – the more contact, the quicker the process.

Do’s and Don’t’s Regarding Your New Vibratory Finishing Machine

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When operating your new vibratory finishing machine, there are a lot of small, easily-overlooked rules that you should follow. Whether you’re looking to ensure you maximize the lifespan of your machine or you want to be certain that you’re achieving the highest quality finish possible, vibratory finishing machines from CLM Vibetech reward attention, care and proper usage. In this post, we’re going to go over a short list of “Do’s and Don’t’s” regarding your finisher and, hopefully, help you get the most of out your new equipment.

Repeatable Deburring, Smoothing and Finishing in a Range of Industries

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A number of industries rely on vibratory finishing equipment to create smooth, shiny finishes. In most cases, however, there is a factor that is even more important than achieving a quality finish… repeatability. Repeatability allows a manufacturer to produce the same finish over and over, ensuring that every product receives the same attention. This results in dependability, as customers can rely on the manufacturer’s products to perform similarly regardless of lot number, batch number or purchasing location. In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the industries that rely on equipment from CLM Vibetech to produce high quality, repeatable finishes.

Vibratory Finishing Machines, Maintenance 101

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So you’ve invested in a nice, efficient vibratory finishing machine… now what? Well, if you want to ensure that your finishing machine endures all that you have to throw at it, works as well five years from now as it does today and performs consistently day in and day out, you’re going to want to learn how to properly maintain it. Just like your car, when you take care of your finishing machine, it takes care of you. Oil changes, lining replacements, lubrication and proper drive rotation are only some of the regular maintenance checks. In this post, we’re going to outline some of the most important tasks that you should be performing on your new vibratory finishing machine.