Below, you will find all of the literature pertaining to CLM Vibetech's line of finishers, dryers, combo machines and more. Provided in a convenient PDF format, these documents cover the features, design, options, accessories, specifications and aftermarket services available for each of our finishing machines.

Name/DescriptionFile SizeTypeDownload
Combo Finisher / Dryer
253 KBapplication/pdf iconCombo Finisher / Dryer
802 KBapplication/pdf iconDryer
Finisher (Version 2.0)
1.29 MBapplication/pdf iconFinisher (Version 2.0)
Finisher (Version 1.0)
261 KBapplication/pdf iconFinisher (Version 1.0)
Long Radius Finisher
262 KBapplication/pdf iconLong Radius Finisher
High Frequency Finisher
1.33 MBapplication/pdf iconHigh Frequency Finisher
Tub Finisher
1.17 MBapplication/pdf iconTub Finisher
Inline Finisher
941 KBapplication/pdf iconInline Finisher
Reline Service
1.17 MBapplication/pdf iconReline Service
Shaker Screener
1.14 MBapplication/pdf iconShaker Screener