Since 1996, CLM Vibetech has been a manufacturer of vibratory finishing, parts washing, parts drying and material handling equipment along with relining and rebuilding all types of deburring equipment. The owner of the company has been manufacturing deburring equipment since 1965. In those years of experience and after having worked on virtually every make of finishing machine, he has used that experience to design finishing machines that perform at all levels while still being easy to service.  CLM Vibetech also strives to not sell the customer what we have but what they need. We can customize our machinery to the part and process that is required. From small stand alone machines to large automated systems, our goal is to make sure our customer is satisfied with the quality and performance of our equipment, and the assistance and services our company provides.

We realize that our customers are making an investment when purchasing our equipment and we work with them to make sure they are getting the machine that they need. From detailed floor layouts to implementation with existing machinery, our goal is to provide a machine that will perform to our customers needs.

Knowing that down time is costly, our machines are designed to be serviced easily, with many of the parts for our machines being off the shelf items that can be shipped quickly and installed easily. Along with being a manufacturer of equipment, we also service, repair, and reline existing machinery.