How a Bijur Auto-Oil-Recirculating System Works and How to Maintain It -- Part 1

Vibratory Finisher

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When it comes to lubricating main drive bearings on a vibratory finisher, there are two options to choose from. One option is to use grease to lubricate the bearings, which is common among smaller capacity units or machines with short run times. This can be accomplished either manually or can be done automatically with an Auto-Grease Pump.  The other common form of lubricating the main bearings on a vibratory finisher is to automatically recirculate a light-weight gear oil through the bearings. These are typically low-volume, low-pressure lubricating units that supply a continuous flow of oil to the bearings, in which the oil usually gravity feeds back to the lubricator. During operation and the recirculating process, the oil is continuously filtered, to remove undesired and potentially harmful contaminants from the lubrication. This style of lubrication is ideally suited where applications call for long process times, excessive operating environments and temperatures, or when the process produces high-running bearing loads (ie. Steel Media Applications or high amplitude processes).

One of the more popular brands of lubricators used on numerous vibratory finishers is made by Bijur Lubricating Corp. Bijur offers several lubricators that are ideally suited for vibratory finishing machines. Rugged, compact, and long-lasting, they have been a workhorse in the industry for nearly 40 years. These pumps can be used with a host of various oil-monitoring devices, that helps ensure long bearing life and machine performance, when maintained correctly.

On Vibetech equipment, we have used the same style Bijur pump for almost 20 years. This lubricator offers continuous operation, and a easy to maintain design that has accounted for thousands of machine run-hours per lubricator. The design is simple; an electric motor-driven pump, packaged onto a mounting plate, with a clear see-through reservoir that holds 4 liters of oil, which bolts cleanly to the base of the vibe machine.