Case Study: Vibratory Inline System Consolidates Finishing of Multiple Parts Into One Fully Automated System

Case Study: Vibratory Inline System Consolidates Finishing of Multiple Parts Int

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Case Study: Vibratory Inline System Consolidates Finishing of Multiple Parts Into One Fully Automated System

The Challenge
In response to customer demand, AmeriStar purchased multiple vibratory bowl finishers through the years and dedicated these machines to specific parts in an effort to increase the finished quality of the parts they were producing for their customers. The challenge with this process is that certain machines were ideal for certain parts and operations, and not others; thus, creating logistical obstacles and production limitations.

Our Solution
In partnership with one of our valued equipment distributors, Mark Gloede of C & S Sales, CLM Vibetech, Inc. proposed a single, fully automated, Vibratory Inline Finishing System to handle the overwhelming majority of parts that required this secondary finishing operation. In working with engineers from Ameristar preceding the purchase of the system, CLM Vibetech’s knowledgeable and experienced sales staff, along with Mark Gloede, poured over multiple parts, prints, production volumes, and other process requirements prior to sizing a system that could handle the ever-increasing parts finishing needs of AmeriStar Manufacturing. 3D CAD models were then produced, allowing AmeriStar engineers to optimize location and overall layout of the system that best suited their unique needs. The system includes a Tote Dumper, Vibratory Parts Feeder, Load Conveyor, Inline Finishing Machine, Vibratory Parts/Media Screener, Media Return Conveyor, and Vibratory Cobb Bowl Dryer. The fully customized system is designed to allow the operator to perform other valuable tasks while the machine processes the parts. Once the Tote Dumper is loaded by the operator and parts are transferred
to the Vibratory Parts Feeder, the rest of the process is fully automated.

Key Results
With the addition of this single, fully automated finishing system, AmeriStar Manufacturing was able to eliminate multiple older vibratory finishing machines, free-up floor space and consolidate employee effort, providing for a more streamlined, highly flexible and efficient parts finishing process. Additionally, the overall production rate has improved by well over 50% with the installation of the equipment. After experiencing first-hand how impactful the system has been to improve part quality and increased production volumes, staff at AmeriStar mentioned that this multi-faceted approach would have been an ideal investment years ago. Moreover, they now have the capability to take on additional capacity, which makes future growth more attainable.

“This new single Vibratory Inline Finishing System has significantly improved AmeriStar’s efficiency, compared to our former multiple machines and processes.”

                                                                     — Brent Jacques, Tool Room Lead at AmeriStar