What You Need to Know About Tumbling Media


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Tumbling media is made with different materials and is offered in many different shapes and sizes. Using the correctly shaped and sized media is critical, because it ensure you’re able to reach every area of the part with direct contact without getting the media stuck in your equipment or parts. Contact is key – the more contact, the quicker the process.


Ceramic media works best for polishing, deburring, and even extreme metal removal. It’s also more useful than plastic in heavy cutting and hard metal applications. If you require a very small media ceramic is your best option.


Plastic media is used for metal removal, pre-plated and pre-painted finishing, polishing and fast cutting. Oftentimes, plastic is used for soft metals or stringy materials. While plastic media will make your parts very smooth, there will not be much shine.


Steel media is known for its ability to burnish. It takes a long time for it to wear out because of its reduced lodging which makes it a very popular form of media.


XM media is considered a “coloring” abrasive. It’s sturdy, tough, and has a very fine crystalline structure. This media will help you develop a glossy, high color burnish on all types of metals.

Angle cut cylinders

This media is ideal for use in chemically accelerated processes when a low density media is needed.

At CLM Vibetech, we have been manufacturing the most trusted and effective vibratory finishing machines in the industry for the last 20 years. In order to get the most out of our equipment, it’s important you’re using the best media for your part. Please contact us today so that we can work together to find out what equipment fits your needs.