Wet-Dry Vibratory Passivation of Heat-Treated Parts in One Machine

White Paper - Wet-Dry Vibratory Passivation of Heat-Treated Parts in One Machine

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CLM Vibetech was approached by a potential customer to design and build a vibratory bowl finisher for the removal of heat-treat scale from the parts they manufacture. The process parameters required four key steps: 1) Removal of the heat-treat scale from the surface of the parts; 2) Burnish and clean the surface after passivation; 3) Rinse; and 4) Dry. Conventional wisdom would suggest that two machines be used for the process: one machine for the “wet” steps 1 through 3, and a second machine for drying the parts. 

Media-Free Finishing System Designed for Ammo Companies Solves Challenges for Other Industries

White Paper: Media-Free Finishing System

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“CLM Vibetech is pleased to assist our customers in solving problems and streamlining processes. Our media-free finishing system for parts cleaning, deburring and drying is essentially three engineered machines that work together effectively, providing full automation for cost effectiveness; a unique pneumatic unload plunger for batch integrity; and an easy-to-use touch screen control panel for labor efficiencies.”

                                                                                                 -          Bill Money, President, CLM Vibetech, Inc.